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Mutual Funds

  • Investing Can be Very Confusing BUT We at JK Investment make it Simple for you
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✓ Safe & secure data management
✓ No hidden cost
✓ AMFI registered distributors
✓ Varieties of funds available

What are Mutual Funds?

In simple terms, Mutual Funds are a type of financial tool who collects money from the pool of people/investors like you & me with an objective to reinvest the money and in different investment schemes like Equity funds, Debt funds, or say hybrid funds.

JK Investment will be your Mutual fund partner who will be guiding you & responsible for investing the gathered money into specific securities.

How Mutual Fund Invest Your Funds

  • NFO (New Fund Offer) Launch - Investors get an opportunity to subscribe to a mutual fund scheme.

  • Funds Pooled - Mutual funds (We) pool money from many small investors to invest in securities. Investors invest small amounts of money from their savings.

  • Invest Funds - Pooled funds is invested in securities like shares, bonds, and government securities. We decide the portfolio of the fund based on the strategy of the fund.

  • Funds Returns - The portfolio manager continuously strives to earn returns from the investments they make on behalf of the fund investors

How JK Investment Help You Invest In Right Mutual Funds

  • We act as a Fund Manager & collect funds from Investors like you
  • Explore & analysis the market conditions based on your investment objective
  • Complete observations of various investment opportunities like equity stocks, debt instruments etc.
  • Invest money in securities
  • Fund Returns

Mutual Funds Planner tool

  • How much you can invest?
    ✓ 0-10 lakh counting meter
  • How many months you will continue?
    ✓ 1-12 month/years counting meter
  • What rate of interest do you expect?
    ✓ 5-20% counting meter
  • Your email ID
  • Your contact number

We Are Open with Investment Options For You

Equity Funds – For Long Term Wealth Creation
Debt Funds – For Short Term Savings
Hybrid Funds – For Low Equity Linked Returns
Exchange Traded Funds – For passive investing
SIP – Systematic Investment Plan

What Are Your Investment Objectives?

  • Growth Funds – There are investors who looks for capital enjoyment & for them growth funds are perfect investment vehicle. Growth mutual funds are any funds that invest in equity in the expectation of capital appreciation.

  • Income Funds - Income funds are best suited for those investors who wish to have a regular and stable income. This type of fund carries less risk. For example, a retired person from the job.

  • Balance Funds – These funds are the mixture of both debt and equity segments in specific ratios. The objective of balanced funds is to provide growth as well as regular earnings.

  • Money Market Funds - When it comes to short-term debt investing, Money Market Funds have been a preferred option among such investors. The objective of Money Market Funds is to provide simple liquidity, equity conservation, and mild earnings.

Why You should Invest in Mutual Fund?

  • Tax- Friendly
  • Provide long term returns
  • Regulated by SBI
  • Varieties in Investments
  • Well-Regulated