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J K Investments since its inception has a strong hold in the market through its Direct Force. It also has strong hold on the HNI Clients - it now wants to have a greater reach to its clients which it has already developed through its 2008+ certified sub broker of prudent, just the beginning of the force that will grow in leaps and bounds.

Know more than how much money you need to retire - or how much you should save for your future expenses. It is about determining short-term and long-term objectives. J K INVESTMENTS serves you with array of financial products and services.

If financial models were food, then we could cook up anything nourishing on the menu, from soup to steak to nuts. If financial models were clothing, we could help produce any outfit, from making original sketches to stitching together skirts to inventorying racks of gowns.

Our multi-asset investment approach is aimed at what matters most: helping you reach your desired outcomes. Portfolio management is the heart of what we do. To help manage portfolios successfully, we believe five closely-connected capabilities are required. When it all comes together, we have the five distinct capabilities that we believe are required to run money. It is the combination of these capabilities that help us believe we're the world's leading provider of multi-asset solutions. And we have a purpose that has never changed—and never will: Improving financial security for people.